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#COVID19DetectProtect Challenge: Announcing the Grand Prize Winners


We're excited to announce the Grand Prize Winners of the COVID-19 Detect and Protect Challenge

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and, an Avnet company and the largest online open-source technology hardware community, launched #COVID19DetectProtect this April to create open-source technology that developing countries can leverage in the fight against this global pandemic.

The new design challenge is a call to action for all hardware and software developers, product designers, scientists, hackers, makers, innovators and inventors to come up with innovative ideas to cost-efficiently support COVID-19 response efforts in developing countries.

The UNDP Global Centre Singapore is now working with Country Offices and partner tech companies to meet the needs of countries and regions with a lack of resources where COVID-19 could have the greatest impact. UNDP will work with governments to help ensure regulations, procurement procedures, and policies to catalyse and make use of these innovations.

Here is the full list of winners:

1. Connected Visor
2. Digital Stethoscope AI
3. Ecofill - Reuse and Refill Bottles on This Vending Machine
4. Intangible Surface
5. Global Scale Remote Health Monitor
6. Esp8266 Shop Door Assistant
7. Selfcheck Contactless Accurate Body Thermometer
8. Hands-Free Soap, Water and Paper Towel Dispenser
9. Project Theia
10. P3psi, a Web-Driven COVID-19 Carrier Robot (Community Choice Award)


Challenge Grand Prize Winners_Intangible Surface

Intangible Surface

By Swapnil Verma

  • Replaces tangible buttons with an intangible gesture-based interface. 
  • Allows people to interact with the electronics such as lights, fans, elevators, etc. using gestures instead of touch. 

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_Digital Stethoscope AI

Digital Stethoscope AI

By Team MixPose - Peter Ma, Ethan Fan, Sarah Han

  • This digital stethoscope uses AI to spot and analyse respiratory symptoms which can empower doctors to diagnose a likely COVID19 infection remotely. 
  • This device uses open source technologies and costs only $1 to make.

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_Project Theia



Project Theia

By Team Karakoram - Josh Thomas, Andrew Osula, Anurag Kurapati

  • The Theia platform collects real-time, on-the-ground, contact less body temperature information using custom-built contact less smart thermometers. 
  • Using multiple sensors, the Theia platform – and accompanying dashboard - can detect sudden changes in the average body temperature of a community. 
  • This information can be used to prompt further investigations from health professionals. 

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_Remote Health Monitoring

Global Scale Remote Health Monitor

By Eivind Holt

  • Long range, low-cost, low-energy health monitoring.
  • This device aids in remote monitoring of at-risk patients, such as suspected COVID-19 infections. 

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_EcoFill


By Danica Fernandez

  • Ecofill is an environmentally friendly and contactless vending machine for cleaning products. 
  • It can dispense precise amounts of the selected product and can be easily configured as it is connected to the cloud.

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_Touchless Faucet

Hands-Free Soap, Water and Paper Towel Dispenser

By Samuel Adranyi

  • Maintaining good hygiene, especially regular hand washing is crucial to combatting the spread of the COVID19 virus. However, people often still need to touch the tap when hand washing in public spaces. 
  • This device by a Ghana-based inventor is a solar-powered, self-sustaining, touch-less soap and water dispenser.

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_Thermometer

Selfcheck Contactless Accurate Body Thermometer

By Vaclav Jirovsky, Milan Salajka

  • This device can detect body fever with a professional body thermometer which can be modified to be contactless.
  • It can also be connected to cloud for seamless communication.

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_Shop Door Assistant

Esp8266 Shop Door Assistant

By Harry Anderson

  • The shop assistant regulates the number of customers within a shop. 
  • Modeled on a traffic light,  a customer approaching the shop will see a red light if the store is at maximum capacity. Similarly, a green light indicates that customers can walk into the store. 

Challenge Grand Prize Winners_P3psi the Robot

[Community Choice Award] P3psi the Robot

By Niccolò Avogaro, Edoardo Palladin

  • This internet-controlled four-wheeled rover can transport emergency supplies such as groceries and medicines to infected patients.
  • The robot is controlled by a joypad and camera in order to ensure successful deliveries.​

Grand Prize Winners_800x800

Connected Visor

By Mamane Kabirou Ousseini, Seydou Gnali Ousman

  • This open source connected visor uses sensors to notify when the user is in contact with someone less than one meter away, helps to time hand washing for 20 seconds, monitors their body temperature and protects the face from droplets.
  • This device is composed of an ultrasonic sensor for distance measuring and an infrared thermometer for temperature monitoring.
  • There is also piezoelectric speaker to alert and guide the user, as well as a bluetooth module to connect the visor to its mobile application.

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