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We are the Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development, a joint initiative by the Government of Singapore and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Founded in 2019, we’re the newest of six UNDP Global Policy Centres.


We believe technology has the power to make a positive impact on the world and can help countries leapfrog in their development journey. But coming up with life-changing solutions requires more than just innovative thinking—it also requires deep collaboration. And that’s why we’re here. To foster connections between unlikely parties, to generate bold new partnerships, and to build ecosystems that make a real contribution to achieving the 2030 Agenda.

The secret to success will be in scaling sustainable development solutions—and we can’t do that without cross-sectoral input. To that end we aim to connect policy-makers, practitioners, think tanks, leading private sector actors, entrepreneurs and other relevant stakeholders with UNDP’s networks. With this system-wide approach, we aim to catalyse new insights and stimulate action on the ground in the countries where UNDP works.

Sharing knowledge across geographical boundaries and initiating multi-stakeholder partnerships will accelerate progress. We believe combining the power of partnerships and technology is the key to a more sustainable future for all of us, by all of us.

Our Team


Bradley Busetto UNDP Singapore

Bradley Busetto - Director

Bradley leads the newly-established UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Singapore.

Regarded as a pioneer in creating and scaling new financing and business models for sustainable development, Bradley set up the UN’s first social venture incubator and impact investment fund, as well the world’s first national SDG Innovation Lab, during his tenure as UN RC/UNDP RR in Armenia (2013 - 2018).  This work was recognized by the Future of Innovation Summit (co-hosted by Stanford University/Rockefeller Foundation).  On the behalf of the international community in Armenia, Bradley also led a sensitive electoral assistance program that helped pave the way for the first free, and fair elections in the country’s history.  He was awarded the Medal of Honour from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia.

Directly prior to his appointment in Singapore, he helped lead the design of UNDP’s new flagship accelerator lab network, and also helped craft the new SDG Fund for the United Nations. Previously with the UN, Bradley served in humanitarian missions in Indonesia, Iraq, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo. In addition to his United Nations service, Bradley led the expansion of international operations for the Wellcome Trust, a leading global health foundation.

Bradley holds a BA and a master’s degree in philosophy from Stanford University, where he graduated with honours.



Armen Harutyunyan - Senior Advisor, Sustainable and Digital Agriculture
Armen joined UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Singapore as a Senior Advisor on Digital and Sustainable Agriculture. Prior to joining UNDP team in Singapore, Armen acted as a head of office/partnerships and development finance officer at the UN RC office in Armenia. He is president of the governing board of the National Agrarian University of Armenia, and he has been lecturing Food Economics at the American University of Armenia, as well as Behavioural Economics at the executive MBA programme at the Yerevan State Medical University.

Previously, Armen served for five years as the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Armenia. His major areas of coordination included international trade and investments, and negotiations on Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with EU and later on integration of Armenia into Eurasian Economic Union. 

Armen holds MSc in International Development from the University of Bristol, and completed joint ANAU and Texas A&M University program on Agribusiness Management.  He has attended number of professional development programs at Harvard, Stanford, London School of Public Relations, University of California at Davis and others.  


Min Ai Singapore

Min Ai Kok - Programme Analyst, Sustainable and Digital Agriculture
Min Ai joined the Global Centre to support the Sustainable Agriculture team in July 2019, upon completing her 2-month internship at the Centre. As an intern, Min Ai worked with the team in its inception to design and plan for the Centre’s activities and is now managing and coordinating the Centre’s flagship initiative Cultiv@te.  

Prior to her internship, Min Ai studied at the National University of Singapore and graduated with a Bachelors in Environmental Studies. During her final year, she wrote her Honours Thesis on the political ecology of urban farms in Singapore, kickstarting her journey in the food and agriculture space.

Min Ai also has experience working with the Housing & Development Board during her undergraduate summer internship, where she worked on geospatial analytics and urban environmental sensing projects.



Calum Singapore

Calum Handforth - Advisor, Smart Cities and Digitalisation
Calum has a wide-ranging smart cities and digitalisation background having worked on the delivery, strategy, and management of a range of innovation projects and programmes across Sub-Saharan Africa, and South and South-East Asia. He also has worked on advising and scaling tech-driven enterprises, including startups focusing on secure networks and connectivity, digital identity, and safety and security.

Calum has drafted and led legislation, policy, and strategy to rollout smart cities; delivered connectivity programmes (3G, 4G, and 5G pilots) and explored Internet-of-Things-related projects. He has also led the development of service delivery initiatives such as chatbots, digital identity projects, and digital inclusion programmes. He has worked in government, strategy consulting, and international development.

More widely, Calum has built strong expertise in driving and measuring the success and impact of smart city, digitalisation, and broader innovation projects and programmes - particularly in lower-income settings. This has included leading digital transformation efforts (and applying 'Agile' principles in international development), measuring behaviour change, exploring the potential of Big Data, building processes and workflows to leverage innovation, and translating findings to inform policy, strategy, and scaling. 


Elba Singapore

Elba Fuster - Technical Expert, Smart Cities and Digitalisation
Elba has in-depth experience in working on the domain of technology and innovation from the perspective of the different stakeholders - public authorities, corporates, SMEs and academia. She has been working for the IT Institute of the Barcelona City Council in the attraction and preparation of smart city projects and pilots funded by the European Commission on the domains of water management, AI, mobility and 5G, among others.  

Previously, she also worked as a strategy consultant, assisting cities in the development of their smart city plans and supporting regions in the scaling up and replication of successful solutions in wider contexts. Before that, she worked for a research institute on Ecology (CREAF) in the domain of knowledge transfer and innovation. 

Elba holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science from Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) in Barcelona, a Master’s degree on International development from Université Libre de Bruxelles(ULB) in Belgium and a MBA from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). She speaks fluently English, French, Spanish and Catalan.


Mala Test

Mala Rajpal - Programme Lead, Communications and Youth Engagement
Mala has joined the UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development, to run the first Youth Co: Lab in Singapore. She works closely with the Citi Team as well as our partners, the National Youth Council to make the programme happen. She also supports the Global Centre with other events and engagements as well as with communication. She is supporting the team in building and delivering the branding plan for 2020.

Mala has over a decade of experience in the business development, marketing and communications domain working across industries and in organisations big and small. In 2015, she quit the private sector to join the social sector full time. Passionate about enabling social good organisations, over the last four years she has supported many non-profits, social enterprises and government projects with professional marketing and communications solutions. She also founded and runs her own social enterprise, Left Right to help social organisations tell their stories better and engage confidently with their stakeholders.

She holds a Masters in Business Administration from Symbiosis Centre for Management & Human Resource Development in India. She is currently pursuing the Executive Program in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania, due to complete in 2020.


Janine Singapore

Janine Civitate - Programme Advisor
Janine joined the UNDP Global Centre in February 2020 as a Programme Advisor for a 6 month assignment from the UNDP New York office. At the Global Centre, she is supporting all matters of strategy development, external engagement, project implementation and business operations. 

Janine has been with UNDP for almost 7 years and has been working in New York as part of the Global Policy Network in the SDG Integration team. Her role focused on setting up processes and an enabling environment for better flow and capture of knowledge, innovations, good practices, solutions and lessons learned from country, regional and global experience in order to address complex problems.

Prior to joining UNDP, Janine worked in the private sector at international companies and start ups in Spain, the US, Argentina and Uruguay. She has a Masters degree in International Economics from the University of Barcelona and a double Bachelors in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of San Diego.




Nurfilzah Rohaidi (Fil) – Programme Communications and Engagement Specialist

Fil leads communications strategy and engagement activities at the UNDP Global Centre Singapore. She brings several years of experience as a writer and journalist, focusing on technology, innovation, healthcare and sustainability. She has previously interviewed senior government officials, chief innovation officers, ministers, mayors and governors on their technology and innovation agendas, smart city initiatives, and digital government visions. Fil has also emceed roundtables and moderated panel discussions at local and international conferences on the topics of government innovation, smart education and digital healthcare.

Prior to joining UNDP, Fil was a senior reporter for a government innovation publication, assistant editor for a science and technology magazine, and a writer for a healthcare tourism magazine. She hugely enjoys talking to passionate people about what gets them out of bed in the morning. Her mission in life is to share their stories of innovation, creativity and ingenuity with the world. Beyond this, she volunteers regularly at a horseriding therapy centre as an assistant instructor for therapy sessions for differently-abled children.



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